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Medix Ambulance Service - Leadership



Medix Ambulance Service employs an outstanding team of professionals to lead our organization. Our experienced leaders currently are paramedics or EMTs themselves and have a passion for—and an intensive knowledge—of EMS.

fruitenJD. Fuiten, OWNER
JD is as hands on as they get in this industry. Having grown up in emergency services [literally, he ran calls with his father when he was 15 years old as this was allowed], JD is now a leader within this industry nationally as a member of the American Ambulance Association Board of Directors for the past 12 years and also on the State EMS Committee for the past 13 years.

mullinsDuane Mullins, General Manager
Duane joined Warrenton Fire Dept. as a volunteer fireman on his eighteenth birthday. He stayed for 26 years, the last 13 years as the fire chief. In the 1980s Warrenton firemen worked along with Medix Ambulance to become first responders, as was the new trend for our area. This was followed by a paid job at Medix as an EMT Basic while Duane attended Clatsop Community College to become a paramedic. Duane was offered the General Manager position in 1997, which he now holds

Krista Cuthbert, Business Office Manager

Robin Scholtz, Ambulance Supervisor

Robert Johnson, Ambulance Supervisor

Don Thomas, Ambulance Supervisor

Brian Roth, Ambulance Supervisor

Betty Colgrove, Communication Center Manager

Steven Zamora, Medi-Van Supervisor